Sunday, September 6, 2009

New NFL Season

So the New National Football League season is upon us.

And at last we are getting multiple games a week on Free To Air TV on Channel One, which when your building does not allow cable is a fantastic development, plus we get a couple of College Games a week as well, although from what I gather ESPN gets all the really good College Games and a lot of the others can be blow outs or not affect the BCS so they may not be too exciting.

The big thing is now, will One screw us, as they have done with the Baseball and show the game Live whilst we are at work and the replay it at 3am, which is a fantastic time when you have to work the next day, which by the way is the exact reason we missed it when it was live in the first place... Well Done One, and the programming genius who made that boneheaded decision.

However with the amount of Promo's for the NFL that I have seen it appears that they should be a bit kinder and they are certainly replaying Titans-Steelers at 6pm which is a good start.

Thankfully the season falls in our summer too so there is not going to be too many other sports filling the schedule to push NFL replays to the wee hours so the first signs are encouraging.

Big year for my team the 'Skins, a winning season and we can avoid our moron of an owner (yes fellow skins fans, we can see he is a moron from 14000 miles away too, you don't need to be in DC to see Snyders an idiot) but yes a winning season should help us avoid another QB and Coach swap come the end of the year and hopefully start to build some consistency into the organisation, from what i am reading, AND I READ A LOT ABOUT THIS STUFF, training camp has not exactly set the local media in DC to be planning their SUperbowl Trips but just a solid playoff run would be nice after the terrible fade out last year as our O-Line started to resemble a bunch of Turnstile Operators on the Metro just waving opposing Ends and Tackles through to have their way with Campbell, whose QB play obviously suffered as he spent all his time dodging 300lb human missiles coming at him from all angles (how painful was that Steelers game to watch for anyone with love for the 'skins)

So in a nutshell very tough to see it happening but fingers crossed for a winning season, if only an owner was like a head coach and could be fired, then I would be hoping for a losing season so we could see the back of Snyder. It'll never happen but it would be great if AMerican Sports could go with the Australian Model where the teams are owned by the fans, where you are a MEMBER not a SEASON TICKET HOLDER and where as a member you get a chance to vote out Woeful Presidents at the end of their term (would love to throw in aCOllingwood crack here, but Eddie is doing quite a good job). Still it wont happen so we are stuck with Snyder for now, I was really hoping the GFC would wipe him out and force him to sell, but alas, that did not come to pass.

Its almost worth wishing for a double dip recession if we could be assured it would bankrupt Snyder, I am sure many skins fans would give up their employment for 6 months to not have to endure another god knows how many seasons of Snyderball in DC.

THURSDAY, the guessing ends, but unfortunately for us who love the Redskins, by the end of the weekend the dreams may end with them. 5 - 11 anyone???

Friday, July 24, 2009

4th Quarter Diary, Hawthorn vs Geelong


No NO NO NO NO... That is lazy by the Hawthorn Defence, DONT YOU DARE DO THIS TOO ME HAWTHORN


NO NO NO NO NO NO..... YOu just cannot give the cats a sniff, bit of mucking around in defence Geelong kick 2 in a row then centre clearance and its three, this is dangerous, in the ensuing commentary Kel bravely agrees with TIm again, serisouly Kel just once tell us what you think Just so I can see if Tim is too PC to disagree with you, c'mon just give it a try, wait for TIm to say something, then disagree and see how quickly Tim decides he was in fact wrong..


WHat the hell was that Ellis, yeah instead of having a shot from 50 do a 7 metre pass to Lewis when hes under pressure, u have been in the system long enough now Ellis ur not a young up and comer take some responsibility.


Great work Buddy, OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ROUGHHEAD, Roughhead drops an absolute sitter 20 metres out, mind you the way he has kicked today may have only cost us a point. Hawthorn lead by 11 after being 28 up after we kicked the first goal of the last quarter.


After buddy snaps and kicks a point Geelong come back the length of the field and kick a goal, this is ridiculous seriously.


Varcoe doesnt make the distance from 20 metres out slight angle THANK GOD!!!!


Buddy attacked 23 minutes after taking a mark, but of course its Buddy so no 50 metre penalty, attack from the wing and Kennedy has a shot for a point, which dissapoints Kelly immensly as she was about to prove her footy credentials by letting loose with her ...'if you dont mind' catchphrase that she stole off every single AFL commetator from the 1970's


all time checks will now be changed to 23:39 etc etc because Channel 10 continue with this pointelss gimmick

Rooke places his hand smack in the middle of the Hawthorn players back, pushes then plays on and kicks the goal, no free kick, Hawks by a point...


Hawthorn manage to turn a 2 on 1 on centre wing into a boundary thrwo in and now a Geelong Free kick because Ellis lacks composure and the umpire has the courage to pay a free kcik on centre wing after lacking the courage 80 seconds earlier




Kennedy I now hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHY OH WHY OH WHY when you are wide open would you handball to Buddy with 3 men on him rather than shoot from 40 metres, Buddy tackled ball swings to the other end



Season over

This is absolutely gutting, not only the loss but sitting through 2 hours of CHannel 10 commentary and getting nothing out of it, I dont just mean Kel, I mean Andy (how much saliva can I create in my mouth while I speak) Maher. Macolm (did I remember to drop acid before coming on air) BLight and Tim (I wont sign a contract with a media company unless my daughter gets a job there too) Lane

Mind you I speak too soon, very uncomfortable moment when tim cant help himself and refers to Gender in the post game, (kel calling the shot, female goal umpire signalling) Blighty cant help himself puts in his two cents and very very uncomfortable chuckle from Kel, they all know its a gimmick, we all know its a gimmick., but I suppose it is Channel 10 the channel that employs all them idiots to present sports tonight, I mean seriously since Ryan Phelan has Sports TOnight had one single presenter who even approaches an average level of media performance

Cameron Ling I hate you, why are you allowed on TV

THis is gutting, flicking to Triple M commentary on the net cant handle this any more

Watching the Hawks

Half Time

Well Buddys BACK!!!!!

There are so few things more enjoyable than watching Geelong get beaten, well maybe watching St Kilda lose, what with all their Blonde Locked Nancy Boys but beating Geelong is right up there [wheres ur Salad Roll now Bomber haha] Lets hope to god that Matthews (Hawthorn Legend) was right linking Geelong with 2001 Essendon during the week.....

Even though most of his "Look at me Look at Me, I'm the star" decisions have been in Hawthorns favour today If Ray Chamberlain ever gets to Umpire a Grand Final it will prove my theory that Andrew Demetriou is on a one man mission to prove that the AFL is so domiant in the media and the culture that it does not matter how many complete stuff ups the commisioner makes it will endure as the number 1 sport in the country, seriously any claims he makes to being good at his job based on TV ratings and Attendance Figures is sort of like the Mahmoud Achmedinijad trying to say he is doing a good job as LEader of Iran because of all those 'votes' that he got in the last election.

Third Quarter

Worring signs for the Hawks but a good sign for viewers as it appears that Kelly has been relegated to 20 second bursts of commentary and they are letting Tim do most of the play by play stuff this quarter, PLEASE OH PLEASE LET CHANEL NINE GET THE RIGHTS NEXT TIME, as there ever been a bigger gimmick that the female play by play commentator, realistically only one question needs to be asked, were her skills and background so overwhelming that if she were a man she would have got the job, well of course not, so therefore it is more sexist to give her the gig than it was to stick her down as a boundary rider.
Seriously it is Round 17 now and she is yet to feel the need to disagree with her fellow commentators once, GREAT INPUT KELLY