Friday, July 24, 2009

Watching the Hawks

Half Time

Well Buddys BACK!!!!!

There are so few things more enjoyable than watching Geelong get beaten, well maybe watching St Kilda lose, what with all their Blonde Locked Nancy Boys but beating Geelong is right up there [wheres ur Salad Roll now Bomber haha] Lets hope to god that Matthews (Hawthorn Legend) was right linking Geelong with 2001 Essendon during the week.....

Even though most of his "Look at me Look at Me, I'm the star" decisions have been in Hawthorns favour today If Ray Chamberlain ever gets to Umpire a Grand Final it will prove my theory that Andrew Demetriou is on a one man mission to prove that the AFL is so domiant in the media and the culture that it does not matter how many complete stuff ups the commisioner makes it will endure as the number 1 sport in the country, seriously any claims he makes to being good at his job based on TV ratings and Attendance Figures is sort of like the Mahmoud Achmedinijad trying to say he is doing a good job as LEader of Iran because of all those 'votes' that he got in the last election.

Third Quarter

Worring signs for the Hawks but a good sign for viewers as it appears that Kelly has been relegated to 20 second bursts of commentary and they are letting Tim do most of the play by play stuff this quarter, PLEASE OH PLEASE LET CHANEL NINE GET THE RIGHTS NEXT TIME, as there ever been a bigger gimmick that the female play by play commentator, realistically only one question needs to be asked, were her skills and background so overwhelming that if she were a man she would have got the job, well of course not, so therefore it is more sexist to give her the gig than it was to stick her down as a boundary rider.
Seriously it is Round 17 now and she is yet to feel the need to disagree with her fellow commentators once, GREAT INPUT KELLY

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