Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Thursday NFL Links

A new feature for the Blog, that will be updated, hopefully daily, but at least a couple of times a week. I will be posting links to some of the better NFL articles I read during the week.

MMQB by Peter King is a must read for any NFL fan, the beauty of it is, for my non-US followers he discusses the game and the issues surrounding it in a educational manner, so you don't need a deep understanding of the game to appreciate it, on the contrary MMQB actually increases your understanding of the issues in the game.

Don Banks weekly Power Rankings. There are a number of sites that offer Power Rankings, but unlike the completely unreadable tripe offered up by Gregg Doyell at CBS.Sportsline, Don Banks analysis actually offers some information that can actually help you gain a deeper understanding of the game. Sorry to do 2 links in a row, but both of these are must read articles for me every week.

The always entertaining and occasionally controversial Jason Whitlock on Donovan McNabbs return to Phili this week to face Michael Vick in the game of the Week for Rd 4 in the NFL. Being a 'Skins fan I hope he's wrong, but I fear he is right, tough year coming for the Washington Redskins.

For Fantasy Football enthusiasts, Matthew Berry offers quality advice (not that my current record in both my leagues shows it) in an entertaining style.

This next column is an absolute must-read on a weekly basis for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of Game/Clock management and the impact of NFL coach’s in-game decisions on the outcome. Michael Lomabrdi is just brilliant, terrific insight and his calming influence always makes NFL Total Access are more enjoyable show when he is on screen. So many of those panel type shows can turn into debate for debates sake type shows, Lombardi brings a cool analytical presence to the show and you can see those same traits in his writing. Just a brilliant Football mind, and he survived working for Al Davis with his sanity!!!

Bookmark this guy and also follow him on Twitter @michaelombardi for constant access to his amazing insight

Good Video on clock management from Lombardi also

Finally my good friends over at have a great community for Redskins fans where the comments section and Fan Posts always include lively debate that is well moderated by Ken and Kevin. Ken and Kevin are also great writers in their own right and that site is worth checking out for any Skins fan on a consistent basis.

Here they have a great discussion of the 3-4 Defence with ex-Redskin Matt Bowen

The above will get you started. I will be hoping to post more of these sorts of quick posts, with links and the like in future.

Or you can follow me @ozsportsdude on twitter where I will begin doing the same things

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